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Centre for Photovoltaics at the Warsaw University of Technology in Poland

PV Centre in Poland promotes the widespread use of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy as a realistic, reliable, and economic energy source to encourage the integration of PV energy into Poland's research, economy, and everyday life.

The PV Centre serves as a focal point for conducting and stimulating research and demonstration activities; educating students; organizing technical meetings, workshops, symposia, and conferences; disseminating information; and addressing environmental issues.

Schott Solar WIS system  Wydział Inżynierii Środowiska PW systemy PV

Our aim :

  • to perform first-class research in photovoltaics

  • to educate students about solar energy

  • to foster collaboration among the Polish and international scientific communities

  • to contribute to the EU commitments included in the Directive on RES-E and the Kyoto protocol


The PV Centre designs, installs, and monitors grid-connected and stand-alone PV systems. In 1999, the PV Centre installed the first stand-alone PV system in Poland for a road signal, and in December 2000, the first grid-connected PV system (1 kW). Our staff also took part in installing grid-connected PV systems on four BP petrol stations. The PV Centre is an owner of Poland's second largest (60 kW) PV system (composed of seven different technologies), which is installed at the Warsaw University of Technology thanks to funding from the EcoFund, European Commission, Ministry of Science, and Municipality of Warsaw.

In 2009 an Outdoor Test Facility started its operation providing detailed measuremnts of four 1kW Systems in conduction with I-V characteristics of stand alone modules.



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